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Code of Conduct

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Mar Jok

Elementary School

Code of Conduct

  • to clarify and publish expectations for the behavior of all Mar Jok students K-5
  • to establish and maintain a safe, caring and orderly environment for learning
  • to establish and maintain balance between our individual and collective rights
  • to establish and maintain balance between our freedoms and responsibilities
  • to promote a climate of understanding and mutual respect where students, parents, teachers, staff and visitors in our learning community are treated equally, with dignity, with rights and without discrimination based on race, colour, ancestry, place of origin, gender, gender identity and expression, religion, political belief, marital status, family status, physical or mental disability, sex or sexual orientation or age, as set out in the BC Human Rights Code.
At MJE we respect ourselves, each other, and our school.  Students are expected to take responsibility for their learning and all aspects of their behavior. The expectations in this Code of Conduct apply to student behaviour:
  • at school and when going to and from school
  • on school buses during daily trips or field trips
  • during school organized activities at any location
  • off school property, outside of school hours and ONLINE if the behavior negatively impacts the safe, respectful and orderly environment of our school, or negatively impacts student learning
Respect Yourself
As a student of Mar Jok Elementary
  • I come to school each day on time and ready to learn
  • I am organized and focused on learning
  • I give my best and support others to give their best as we learn together
  • I am positive about learning and about our MJE learning community
  • I dress respectably, appropriately for the weather, and safely for PE activities
  • I take care of myself and make safe and healthy choices so that I stay well
  • I am honest and tell the truth
  • I accept responsibility for my mistakes and learn from them
  • I am responsible for being a leader and a role model in our learning community
Respect Others
As a student of Mar Jok Elementary…
  • I will treat others the way I expect to be treated
  • I will treat others with respect, kindness and courtesy
  • I will keep my hands and feet to myself
  • I will respect others' personal space and learning space
  • I will use appropriate manners and language
  • I will be cooperative and collaborative in class so others can learn
  • I will play fairly, safely and include others
  • I will ask others to accept my apology if I hurt them
  • I will be willing to solve problems with others
  • I will remember that my attitude and behavior reflect on the whole school
Respect Our School
As a student of Mar Jok Elementary…
  • I will respect ALL school property
  • I will respect the property of others
  • I will use all materials and equipment appropriately and respectfully
  • I will keep my classroom, school and school grounds tidy and clean
  • I will report vandalism or property damage to an adult supervisor
 UNACCEPTABLE AND UNEXPECTED CONDUCT (not an all-inclusive list) include:
  • interfering with the learning of others
  • defying respectful requests made by adults in our learning community
  • being rude or using rude language
  • fighting or engaging in play fighting games
  • pushing, grabbing, tackling, kicking, tripping, or hitting others
  • throwing objects that could hurt someone or something
  • vandalizing school property
  • speaking unkindly about others
  • bullying, harassing or intimidating others
  • seeking retaliation against anyone for any reason
  • discriminating against others for any reason ~ including race, colour, gender, gender identity and expression, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, ancestry, status or national origin
  • creating unsafe conditions for others
  • bringing dangerous items such as lighters, knives, fireworks, weapons or toy weapons to school
  • bring illegal items such as tobacco, alcohol and other drugs to school

Responsible Student Use of Personal Technology Devices, School Technology, and District Networks

The purpose of using network services and digital technologies while in educational settings is to engage in responsible educational activities.  Therefore, the use of personal technology devices, school technologies, and district network services requires students to abide by the school's Code of Conduct and procedures, as well as Central Okanagan Public Schools Policy 486: Student Use of Network Services and Digital Technologies.  

Some examples of responsible use with district and personal devices include the following:

  • Act responsibly when accessing technology and district networks, including the Internet in their school.
  • Use technology equipment and property according to all applicable rules and with care and respect.
  • Engage in appropriate use as directed by school staff.
  • Respect the safety and privacy of self and others and do not provide personal contact information about themselves or other students.
  • Treat others with respect and kindness when using digital devices and network services.
  • Respect resource limits of the network services and do not engage in activities that jeopardize the integrity, security or performance of the network.
  • Understand the importance of privacy and security and take all reasonable precautions when accessing network services and digital technologies.

    The use of Personal Technology Devices, School Technology, and District Networks is a privilege and usage may be revoked at any time for inappropriate conduct. Schools will not be held responsible for any misplaced, lost, stolen, or broken items brought to school by students. Use of network services and digital technologies which violate the terms outlined in policy and/or the School's Code of Conduct may result in serious consequences including definite or indefinite suspensions and/or police intervention.  

Mar Jok is a child-centred learning community. We are committed to develop life-long learners who contribute, who collaborate, who think critically and who innovate. We are committed to develop students who learn through and from their mistakes in both academic and social learning. Living and learning together all day creates many opportunities for students to grow in the skills necessary to play together, and to work through conflict.
We are committed to a respectful problem solving process with students that builds students' capacity and innovation for dealing with conflict in life.
If consequences are necessary following a problem solving process they will be logical and fair, involve the student and respect their individual rights, responsibilities, age and maturity. Parents will be informed and involved.
As students move through the grades from K-6 the expectations for personal responsibility, self-discipline and respect for others increase, as do the expectations for appropriate behavior. Any necessary consequences will be relative to age-appropriate behavior expectations. Of course, special consideration may apply to a student with special learning needs who may not be able to comply with the Code of Conduct due to an intellectual, physical, sensory, emotional or behavioural disability.
Such incidents are typically dealt with at the playground or classroom level by a supervisor, CEA or teacher. If the behavior continues or increases the child may be referred to the vice-principal or principal.
Problem solving conversations will occur with the child/children involved.  A written problem solving process, loss of privilege, or apology may follow.  Parents will be contacted.
Should a minor offence continue, intervention by a principal will occur and parents/guardians will be involved.  Detention, extended loss of privileges or suspension may occur.
Major infractions are behaviours which occur repeatedly and may be dangerous or hazardous for students, teachers and staff. Parents/guardians will be contacted and involved immediately and if necessary the RCMP will be contacted if the incident is against the law.
The Code of Behaviour and the School Act outline that students may be disciplined for violations of the Code of Conduct while on school property, off school property, going to and from school, or outside school hours if such violations adversely affect students or operation of the school.
The principal has the right under the School Act to discharge discipline as necessary. This includes the right to suspend a student.
A suspension may be in-school or out of school.  It may be DEFINITE (up to 10 days, readmission determined by the principal) or INDEFINITE (in excess of 10 days, readmission to school determined by the School Board's District Suspension Review Committee).
The school will treat seriously behavior or communication that discriminates based on race, colour, ancestry, place of origin, religion, gender, gender identity and expression​, ​marital status, family status, physical or mental disability, sex or sexual orientation – all prohibited grounds set out in the BC Human Rights Code.
This Code of Conduct aligns with and adheres to the standards outlined in:
BC School Act, Sections 85 (1.1) and 168 (2) (s.1)
Ministerial Order 276/07: Provincial Standards for Codes of Conduct Order
BC Ministry of Education's Safe, Caring and Orderly Schools: A Guide (Nov 2008)
Central Okanagan SD Policy 455 – Discipline
Central Okanagan Policy 455R – Discipline (Regulations)
Central Okanagan Policy 486 – Student Use of Electronic and Social Media Communication