​Respecting our School Environment: Pack it in - Pack it out

MJE is committed to a litter free lunch.  Litter free lunches at school are the best form of recycling.  On average, a school-age child with a disposable lunch generates approximately 30 kg (67 lbs) of waste per school year. That means that if your child has 25 students in his/her class, they are producing 737 kg (1,625 lbs) of waste each year. This is more weight than the average car...just imagine what a whole school produces!

We ask that whatever comes in your child's lunch bag goes home in their lunch bag, including empty juice boxes and food wrappers. In this way, we will create far less garbage at school and you will have a better idea of what your child is finishing for lunch.

You can learn more and get some great ideas from: Lunch Without Waste