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Mar Jok Elementary
A collaborative community culture rich in inquiry and deep learning. We expect respect, celebrate leadership and inspire greatness. ​
Our Learning Story
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Our Learning Story

 Grand Opening of Mar Jok Elementary

 Mar Jok's Journey

 Mar Jok Elementary opened its brand new doors to students and teachers in September 2014.  Named after a local Chinese Canadian pioneer, Jok Mar, the school has forged a unique and innovative culture based on inquiry and collaborative learning. Collective learning grounded in the principles and practices of formative assessment supports and ensures continuous learning and growth for each of our students.

Building and opening a new school was, in itself, the ultimate inquiry process.  The building was designed as flexible learning space to support the redesigned provincial curriculum, and amalgamated students from two adjacent schools as well as students included in its newly established and largest school catchment area on the Westside. Amalgamating students and parents from established school cultures began with the questions:  Who ARE our students?  What's going on for OUR learners?

As Central Okanagan Public Schools moved towards documenting inquiry with authentic school-based evidence as the foundation of school improvement planning, Mar Jok Elementary staff embraced the Spiral of Inquiry as the natural progression of our learning community's work.  Evidence of our learning journey follows, delineated by the phases outlined in the Spirals.

Our story is one of promoting and celebrating growth for all stakeholder groups in our learning community.  Deep learning at all levels continues as our challenge and our delight.  Innovative thinking and risk taking has earned us the honour of being a 'learning lab' for our district and beyond.

Current work in Innovative Learning Environments has developed new configurations and learning collectives.  We look forward to further learning about how students learn in multi-age groupings with more than one teacher and how this affects a sense of connection across the whole learning community. The deeper level of collaboration required for this co-teaching is another growth area for the year ahead.

Our Mission Statement:

Mar Jok Elementary School fosters a collaborative community culture rich in inquiry and deep learning.  We expect respect, celebrate leadership and inspire greatness.


 Vision ...